16 September 2008

Thunderbird on Austinist

That's right, a lovely latte poured by Mr. Ryan Hall has been featured on Austinist.com's Foodoir Photography. The photo was taken by Jen Hellow. Thanks, Austinist!

12 September 2008

So long, Goodflow (for now)

Several sources report that Thunderbird's favorite local juice provider, Goodflow, has been temporarily shut down by the FDA for non-compliance with pasteurization requirements. We've been drinking Goodflow for years, and we've never had a problem, for the record.

The good news: According to Austinist, Goodflow will soon be back, and bigger than ever. They're expanding their facilities to comply with regulations. In the meantime, we're stuck: Do we wait it out, or should we check out Naked, Odwalla, or another juice company? Please let us know your thoughts.

Good luck, Goodflow. We're behind you!