02 May 2011

Should you freeze your coffee?

There's been so much discussion on this subject over time, and I won't pretend to have the final answer here, but Scott Rao has an interesting take on the matter:
Freezing is a fantastic long-term storage method because it dramatically slows oxidation and loss of volatiles. Contrary to popular belief, the moisture in roasted coffee beans is not freezable because it is chemically bound to the cellulose matrix.

To freeze beans properly, store them in a sealed plastic bag and squeeze out as much air as possible before freezing. Remove beans from the freezer only when they are to be brewed, and never defrost and re-freeze beans. (Even better, pre-portion the beans into one-pot or one-cup doses in small bags before freezing. (Everything but Espresso, 55)

Here he addresses the concern that many have about moisture (which I would be interested in investigating). In any case, I think it's always best to use beans that are 4-14 days "old," and keep them stored in a cool, dark, airtight container--but in a pinch it looks like freezing may not be a terrible option.

What are your thoughts on freezing beans? Have you had any good/bad experiences?

26 February 2011

An 8th Birthday Wish

T-bird regular and 7-year-old Ella Salerno got in touch with us through her mother and told us a little about her 8th birthday wish. Instead of getting gifts for her birthday, she is hoping people can help donate so that other kids can have clean water. Read on:

"This fall Ella became really interested in the global water crisis after learning that nearly a billion people don't have access to clean water and that kids her age can't go to school because they have to walk miles to get water that isn't even clean. We did some research and found charity: water, a great organization that uses 100% of donations to fund water projects. When Ella learned that she could have a birthday campaign and give up her gifts to fundraise for charity: water, she decided to ask people for $8 for her 8th birthday: [DONATE HERE!]

Her goal is to raise $5000 which would build one well and bring water to 250 people for 20 years. In the last four weeks she has raised more than $1900. She has 55 days remaining in her campaign and several fundraising events planned including a skate party, bake sale, & craft fair. We are confident that with the support of our community Ella will reach her goal. Would you consider supporting Ella in her efforts?

charity: water is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit and any donation made to Ella's webpage on the charity:water site is tax deductible."

21 February 2011

Partay time!

Come check out this incredible T-bird sponsored party!