24 December 2009

$250 WINNER!

A big merry Christmas to Paul Parnell, who won Thunderbird Manor's $250 gift certificate this month! Paul is a screenwriter and T-bird regular who lives and works here in Austin. He LOVES our $1 Lone Stars and French press coffee. He's made a ton of friends at Thunderbird and sources say that he's a pretty solid basketball player. Congratulations, Paul! Sign up for our e-mail list today, and YOU could be next!

This photograph was taken by Ida Fehrenbach! Ida is part of the Tremendous Family art collective. Ida and the rest of the Tremendous Family are showing their artwork at Thunderbird on Koenig for the entire month of January. Come check out their opening party on January 2 starting at 8 p.m.! See you there! (For more of their work, check out thetremendousfamilyblog.blogspot.com)

08 December 2009

Finals hours update

A quick update on our hours for finals week, December 7-11:

Thunderbird on MANOR will continue to be open 24 hours this week!

Thunderbird on Koenig will stay open until 12 midnight to accommodate our late-night Brentwood/Crestview peeps. :D

Coffee posters

Check out these beautiful limited-edition coffee posters from LMTL75!

07 December 2009

24-Hour Party People

BOTH Thunderbird locations will be open 24 hours during December 7-11, finals week! We can't wait to see you!

Might as well try one of these to get your brain going . . .