31 March 2010

Chachuda Microlot!

We're very proud to announce the arrival of a new coffee: The Chachuda Microlot from high in the Peruvian Andes. This very special coffee is a true labor of love and available only for a limited time. Starting this weekend we'll be serving 12 OZ press pots for $3.19 from 9 AM to 12 PM on Saturday and Sunday. The Chachuda has a sweet-toned aroma with notes of toast, aromatic wood, nut and mild fruitiness. The fruit becomes more pronounced in the cup, developing into stone fruit, along with continued sweetness and hints of chocolate and aromatic wood.

What else is so special about it? The trading practice with this coffee is especially worth mentioning. It's well-known that T-bird is committed to only buying direct-trade coffee, and we're particularly proud of how Cuvee purchases this coffee.
The money going to the two growers who cultivate the Chachuda recieve 237% more money directly than the fair-trade minimum! It's just one more reason we're so proud to serve the this coffee. Come try some this weekend! (Feel free to ask for more details!)