29 June 2008

Vanessa Lively playing at Thunderbird July 4

The talented and versatile Vanessa Lively is playing at Thunderbird at 8:00 p.m. with other guests. Come celebrate our independence while watching great live music and enjoying our local beers.

05 June 2008

Iced chai = drink of the summer

In India, Iran, and many other places around the world, the word "chai" really just means "tea." We know the drink somewhat differently, as sweet-spiced black tea, usually served with milk. Soy milk goes especially great with chai, and it's usually topped with a pinch of cinnamon.

Iced chai is delicious and refreshing, especially in the summer. It's for this reason that Thunderbird has deemed it to be the drink of Summer 2008!

Here are a couple of chai recipes that we especially love:

The Boss: 16-oz iced chai with two shots of espresso (AKA Filthy Chai)
Iced Soy Chai: Just what it sounds like. Yummers.

Add vanilla or honey for a little extra something!

Cut tea leaves with spices

Mountains in the Moon + Tiny Tin Hearts this Friday

Luke Kalloch (as Mountains in the Moon) is playing at Thunderbird at 8:00 on Friday, June 6!

Headlining that evening will be the fabulous Tiny Tin Hearts at 9:30!

Be there! Drink $1 Lone Stars! Hang out with Katrina and Drew, two of the most skilled and good-looking baristas in the city!

The Tiny Tin Hearts

04 June 2008

Aaron Sinclair + Brent Pennington tonight!

Tonight! Thunderbird is hosting Aaron Sinclair, from the illustrious country-rock outfit Frank Smith at 8:00!

Then, at 9:30, Brent Pennington, from the always super musical group Golden Bear will be performing!

$1 Lone Stars, $2 pints of Fireman's 4 and Full Moon Pale Ale, and $4 specialty wines!

Be there!

Aaron Sinclair, at bottom left corner

03 June 2008

Pics from DJ Christopher Zane by Jen Hellow

We are party. Note how thrilled the lady in the background is.

Deep concentration.

Q from QBist Soundsystem stopped by!

Want to book music or art at Thunderbird?

If you are interested in booking music or art at Thunderbird please e-mail our booking agents, Savannah Macanally @ savvysoundsbooking (at) gmail.com for the Koenig location and James Taylor at james.wesley.taylor (at) gmail.com for the Manor location.

Party on!

June Music at T-bird!

Tons of great music lined up at Thunderbird this month. Check out our calendar here.


And don't miss out on our Wednesday drink specials & free shows!

Beer specials on Wednesdays:
• $1 Lone Stars
• $2 other pints (Fireman's 4 and Full Moon Pale Ale)
• $4 specialty wines