05 June 2008

Iced chai = drink of the summer

In India, Iran, and many other places around the world, the word "chai" really just means "tea." We know the drink somewhat differently, as sweet-spiced black tea, usually served with milk. Soy milk goes especially great with chai, and it's usually topped with a pinch of cinnamon.

Iced chai is delicious and refreshing, especially in the summer. It's for this reason that Thunderbird has deemed it to be the drink of Summer 2008!

Here are a couple of chai recipes that we especially love:

The Boss: 16-oz iced chai with two shots of espresso (AKA Filthy Chai)
Iced Soy Chai: Just what it sounds like. Yummers.

Add vanilla or honey for a little extra something!

Cut tea leaves with spices

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