16 November 2008


A lot of places have suggestion boxes, but do you ever know what happens to your suggestion? Does anyone read them? Does anyone care?

Here are a few suggestions we've collected recently (in bold); our response follows.

Vegan goodies! Gluten-free? Soy milk @ condiment stand!

We carry vegan treats from Celeste's Best! We'll soon be carrying some gluten-free chocolates, and we do indeed now have soy milk at the condiment stand. Thanks!

Carry the Daily Texan.

We looked into this, because we love The Texan. It turns out that we're not quite on the delivery route, so it looks like we won't be able to carry it for now. Look for it at our sister store, Clementine Coffee Bar.

Whole-grain bread!

Your sandwiches are awesome, but will you assuage my dietary guilt with some whole grain (high fiber) bread?

We've had several suggestions for whole-grain bread. We'd love to carry it, but one factor preventing us from using it in our paninis is that the bread is almost always too thin to work with the panini grill. The vegan sourdough bread that we currently use is nice and thick and allows the sandwich to be pressed without smooshing the ingredients. If anyone has any suggestions on "sturdy" whole-grain bread, please let us know!

Nice place! Stay open later

Stay open later.

Can you stay open later during finals?

As of last May, we now close at 11:00 p.m. nightly instead of 10:00 p.m. We hope this helps!

MySpace bulletins and live music on a certain day each week!

We now have live music on Wednesdays, Fridays, and Saturdays outside on our patio. We also have movie night every Tuesday!

Topo Chico

We now serve Topo Chico!

Can you provide simple syrup for the iced drinks?

We can! During the colder months it's available by request, but we always have it available during the rest of the year.

Bigger tables

A few months ago we got bigger tables that offer more than enough room for you, your coffee, your laptop, and perhaps a game of Twister.

Please keep your suggestions coming! We really appreciate the input.


Anonymous said...

I visited your location on 5/03/09 at 8:00. A young, female attendant with, jet black, skiky hair provided me with some of the worst non-service I've received at an Austin independently owned establlishment. I realize that unlike corporately owned coffee shops which provide customer service that is not very sincere, people visit places like Thunderbird because they expect a unique Austin experience that they can't get anywhere else. However, this particular employee took at least 10 minutes just to make herself available to serve customers at the counter. The shop was not very busy and the only thing that kept her from being at the register was her conversation with someone else. Within my wait time, she casually did return to the register as I stood there waiting only to retrieve a pen or paper. I've visited Thunderbird many times and I've never had an issue with service until now and I find it strange that this even happened. I'm not sure if this person knows basic customer service skills, but acknowledging the customer who has specifically selected your establishment over other coffee houses would be a good starting point. Perhaps this employees conduct won't effect business immediately, but trust me, people will go elsewhere if they receive continued bad service.

Christopher Zane said...

Hi there, so sorry I haven't seen your note until now! Also really sad to hear that you had a bad experience at my store. I will definitely talk to the employee you described. Customer service is extremely important to me; if you ever have any issue again please contact me directly at chrisq28@gmail.com