09 September 2009

Big news!

Starting today, Clementine Coffee Bar will now be known as Thunderbird Coffee! What? What?! What's going on here? Why the change? What's going to happen? Are condo developers going to take over and turn your coffee shop into a 22-story luxury living space? IT'S TIME FOR SOME ANSWERS!

A rose by any other name . . .

Would smell as sweet--right? In this case, it'll smell even sweeter! Here's what to expect:

SAME great coffee, food, and amazing beer and wine selection! (Most taps on the east side!!!)

SAME friendly baristas and managers!

SAME commitment to the Cherrywood/Eastside community!

NEW name. Why? We want you to know that you can get great coffee, great hospitality, and a great experience at both of our locations--whether you're over in north-central Austin, or on the east side. We may have taken it for granted that people knew that Thunderbird and Clementine were owned and managed by the same folks, but it turns out that many people didn't!

NEW and improved environment! You'll notice some changes taking place in the next few weeks--starting with our new beer garden fence! Stay tuned . . .

On a serious note . . .

Believe me, making this change was a big decision for us, and we did not take it lightly. Here's one question we asked ourselves that we absolutely had to satisfy before making this decision:

"Can a business open multiple locations and still have heart?"

We believe the answer is, without a doubt, yes. What great local businesses can you think of that bring their unique vision to multiple locations? Alamo Drafthouse, I Luv Video, Amy's Ice Cream, Caffe Medici, Thundercloud Subs, Trudy's, Chuy's, Vivo, Hoover's, Hyde Park Grill, El Chile--these are all businesses that help make Austin what it is, and we're humbled by the opportunity to follow in their footsteps.

We're on your side!

But we understand change isn't easy, and we value your feedback. If you have a question about this change--or anything else--please let us know: thunderbirdcoffees@gmail.com

Thank you for your continued support!

Ryan McElroy and Chris Cusack, owners, Thunderbird Coffee


Matalee said...

EEP! Congrats, how exciting!

Maribel said...

I'm not sure what the hallmark saying is for changing your business name. Regardless, welcome. ~El Chile Cafe.

lindsayjwilson said...

Either way, the coffee is one of the best in town. Hooray for Thunderbird!

Thunderbird said...

Thanks, peeps! Much appreciated. :)

Chris R said...

Hooray for Thunderbird - I think it's a great change, great logo and great coffee.

Hungarian Great Bela Tarr. said...

Because of this name change, I will never visit Clementine again.

Kidding, kidding!