29 April 2010

Single-cup bar coming this weekend!

We're very excited to announce a new development here at the Bird: Our brand-new single-cup coffee bar. You'll notice some sawdust over the next day or so, but starting this Saturday we'll be serving up some INCREDIBLE new coffees from roasters all over the country. Here's some of what's on the list:

- Intelligentsia Colombia Escuela Vieja
- Counter Culture Ethiopia Michicha Sundried
- Cuvee Peru Chachuda Microlot

What does "single cup" mean? It means that there's a range of brewing methods that bring out the subtleties and complex flavors of these great coffees--all made individually for YOU. These brewing methods include Aeropress, Syphon, Chemex, pourover, and individual French presses. There's so much to say about each brewing method--and there will be plenty more information to come--but we encourage you to try them all, and ask questions when you're in the store!


Jennifer said...

This is wonderful news! I'm excited to try coffee from Intelligentsia & Counter Culture w/o needing to pay airfare!

elise said...

Oh la la! I can't wait to try all of them out! What pros you are.

one cromwell said...

wtf, there are already single cup brew bars in austin. hello FRANK. hello MEDICI.

Tyler W said...

OUCH! What about us? I'm glad you are single cup brewing and I like you guys, but c'mon, give credit where it's due. We've been pouring every cup of Intelli to order since day one! You know this.

Christopher Zane said...

Our apologies. Please see the above post for a correction.