15 September 2010

Comment card time

Recent comment from Joel U. from the question "What could we do better?"

"I tried hard to think of something you could do better but after 5 minutes I decided to drink my coffee."

Love it, haha. Thanks, Joel! There's a free drink coming to you in the mail as we speak.


Anonymous said...

It seems like a lot of Thunderbird's customers are students and other people who are trying to do work. That being said, I think the music is almost always way too loud. You can't hear yourself think or even what the person sitting next to you is saying. Other coffee shops in Austin don't seem to have this problem. If the employees would just turn down the music, Thunderbird would be perfect. Great coffee and service, by the way.

Anonymous said...

Coffee is fantastic!
Thank you!
Great job

P.S.: It would be great though if you can improve cleanliness ... sometimes its a little too much

Thunderbird said...

Thanks much for the compliments and the suggestions, commenters. We're all over it!