19 February 2008

Fidel resigns

Fidel Castro resigned as president of Cuba today. The significance of this event should not be underestimated. Although some feel that Fidel's resignation is no big change--Cuba has been unofficially led by Raul Castro, Fidel's brother, for several years now--I wonder if we won't see some noticeable changes starting now, but especially after Castro's impending death. At the very least, this is a huge symbolic shift. I won't get into political stuff on this blog--there are any number of places where that can be discussed--but I will speculate the following:

What could a Castro-free Cuba look like?

- Real Cuban sugar in Thunderbird's Cubano coffees
- Real Cuban cigars (smoked only outside on our patio, of course)
- Spring Break trips to Cuba, just like in the '50s
- 24-hour Buena Vista Social Club marathon concerts all over America

Sounds pretty good to me. Viva!

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