13 February 2008

La Marzocco

At Thunderbird, we use a La Marzocco espresso machine, the same kind used in the World Barista Championships. The machines are handmade in Florence, Italy--which is only part of the reason they're so expensive. The other reason is that they're incredible pieces of machinery. Coffeekid.com lists a couple of reasons why they're so great here.

One thing most people will mention about the La Marzocco is that it has two boilers. This means that it has a boiler dedicated to steam and another one dedicated to brewing--which means that the espresso always has water of the correct temperature available, and the milk will always be steamed at a consistent temperature.

So that's why your coffee tastes so good!

More info:

La Marzocco on Wikipedia

Not ours, but the same model.

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