26 February 2008

Happy Mondays

Just a recap of Saturday night: The event was a huge success! Tons of people came out (familiar faces and new friends alike) to check out Kevin Lynch's photos and to hear The Winter Dance Party rock out on the patio. Everyone drank cheap beer, rocked out, and generally had a great time.

Some internal scoop: We had our first employee meeting last night, and I think it was pretty successful. I think these meetings are not only a good way to get out a general "state of the union," but a way that all of us can spend time together at once, instead of just seeing each other when we work. Next stop: karaoke party?

Oh! One piece of news for you dedicated followers: Our website is being designed and should be ready soon. It will of course be at thunderbirdcoffee.com--but don't expect much until we announce its launch. Yahoo!

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