19 February 2008

Kevin Lynch photography

As I mentioned below, Kevin Lynch is this month's featured artist, and a party celebrating his work is this Saturday. Here are a few selections from his website that will give you an idea about his work.

On another note, I'm proud to say that Thunderbird is one of the few locally owned joints around town that feature art that doesn't suck, and I think Kevin's photographs highlight that nicely.

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Tim Stewart said...

The Eiffel Tower pic (or pics--maybe more than one) on your left by the door as you come in is my fave. Lynch's got a fantastic sense of lighting and exposure. BTW, the photos look better in person than as the low-res 24-bit JPEGs ya got on your blog. I'm just sayin--ya have to get them in front of your face to really appreciate the artistry at work here. He's got some straight-up photos and then some multi-layered photo collage stuff. I think one of the collages said it had 24 distinct layers of old-school photographic goodness. This ain't your cousin's Photoshop here. One collage looked like the lucid dreamings of the love child between Neil Gaiman and Salvador Dali. It had ants in it, that's all I'm sayin.